13th January 2012

We have been associated with N.P.D. ORTHOTICS for the past 6-7 years in the capacity of adapting and repairing footwear.  In that time we have always had excellent communication, delivery and service, and the work is always to a very high standard.  Neil and the team at N.P.D. are always ready to help in any way they can and a service with a smile definitely goes a long way. Nothing is too much trouble.





My attention was brought to NPD over a year ago.

Since then we’ve been using the company very successfully.

The staff are friendly & approachable, the service is so quick & the quality has been consistently excellent.

I’d certainly recommend the company to other centres.

Caroline Jackson Principal Orthotist

University Hospital Of North Staffs







I would like to bring to your attention and to the Crawley Hospital Manager (if you could please forward this email), of the outstanding help that I have received from Neil of NPD Orthotics in Croydon.

I have a disability, a dislocated hip from birth, that means that my left leg is about 6cm shorter than the right one. To be able to walk, I need specially adapted shoes. The process of getting the shoes to fit so that I can walk  is never an easy task; I usually need several testing sessions. If I go to hospital appointments for each session, it can take a long time to get the shoes. Over the previous two years, it has proven quicker and more efficient to go to Neil who adapts/repairs my shoes even if the original shoes came from a another maker.

Neil can quickly see the problem and suggest a solution, I always come out of his workshop with my shoes modified. I then have a chance to test the modification and come back if the fit still gives me problems. I am grateful for the time he spends doing a modification whilst I wait in his workshop. Without his help, I would find walking difficult, little things like getting the slope of the raise slightly wrong can give me pain in the knees.

I really wish to recommend Neil to you, he does his job well, any improvement in my walking is a credit to his attentiveness.

I also wish to express my deep gratitude to Catherine Williams who facilitates  my visits to NPD Orthotics.

With my best regards

Joelle Dumetz

A patient of the Orthotics department.