What we do


(Simple , CAD/CAM, TCIs)

We can make any insole/ foot orthotic you require.

Shoe modifications:

Midsole/ Outsole

Raises, wedges, rocker-soles, heel lifts, floats and flares, sneath heels

Sockets & Backstops


Velcro alterations, T-straps, caliper retaining straps, padding tongues, heel grips, relining in any materials including sheepskin.


We can repair all forms of surgical and modified footwear. just give us a call and we can talk you through how we can help.

Repeats / Copies:

We can copy any raises or rocker modifications, or indeed any surgical shoe alterations . Insoles and foot orthotics can also be copied too!


A selection of shoe modifications and Orthotics

Visit our News page for examples of our craftsmanship